GapInsurance123 Cancellation and Refund Procedure

We want each and everyone of our many customers to be 100% satisfied with the type and level of Gap Insurance cover that they have purchased.

However, we are all human and from time to time we all change our minds, that is perfectly normal. 

To protect you and as part of Aequitas Automotive Limited's (trading as GapInsurance123) commitment to continued 100% customer care records, as well as, in accordance with current FCA and government regulations regarding the sale of insurance products, you have the right to ask for a refund of any policy you have purchased.

Can you cancel and obtain a refund?

Yes!! Our policies are cancelable. If you cancel the policy within 30 days of the policy purchase, then we can issue you with a full refund of the policy premium. This is in accordance of your cooling off period.  

If you choose to cancel outside the 30 day 'cooling off' period, then you can apply for cancellation with a pro rata refund of any unused premium (please see policy documentation for full terms and conditions).

There a few exceptions where a full refund cannot be issued within the 30 day 'cooling off' period, one would be if you have attempted to make a claim, for example. Please refer to the policy terms and conditions for full details, or call our customer services team for any clarification.

How do you cancel your policy?

Should you wish to ask for a refund for any policy you have purchased please inform us in writing. Where possible please use recorded or registered mail. Alternatively, contact a member of the customer service team on 0800 195 4926/0151 647 7556 and any member of the team would advise accordingly. (Aequitas Automotive Ltd accept no responsibility or liability for any lost or mislaid post)

You can also use the email link to inform us. At such time a member of Aequitas Automotive Ltd trading as (GapInsurance123) Customer Care Department will then contact you to confirm receipt and the refund processed accordingly.

What if you change you mind on the level of cover, and your policy price increases or decreases for the amendment?

In these circumstances, we will require written confirmation from you that you wish to amend the policy, and any extra payment, or partial refund will be processed accordingly. GapInsurance123 will issue new policy documents reflecting the policy amendment. Please note, this facility is only available during your policy 'cooling off' period.

If you have any further questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us. Any refund does not affect your statutory rights in any way.