Gap Insurance cover for accident, fire or theft

One question we are constantly asked is 'What circumstances can I claim on my Gap Insurance cover?'. Well in order to process a Gap Insurance claim on our products, we will need a situation to occur that leads to your motor insurer deeming the vehicle a 'total loss' following:

  • An accident - either 'fault' or 'nonfault'
  • Fire
  • Theft
Providing your motor insurer covers you for the replacement value of your vehicle following a 'write off' following any of these incidents, then your GapInsurance123 policy will allow you to proceed with your claim.

There are clear terms and conditions with any insurance policy when you could not make a claim, or a claim is likely to be rejected. With a GapInsurance123 policy, we can identify many of these by asking the question

"Does your motor insurer cover you for the event that leads to the loss of your vehicle?"

If the answer is 'yes' then on nearly every occasion your GapInsurance123 policy is valid to claim on. Examples of where the answer is 'no', or when your GapInsurance123 policy is not valid to claim on could be:

  • Drink Driving
  • Driving under the influence of drugs, either not prescribed by your Doctor or advised not to do so
  • Negligence
  • Vehicle uses not covered by your motor insurer, eg race, rally or 'hire and reward'*
*Please note we provide cover for 'hire and reward' if you have notified us as such, paid for this option to be added, and your motor insurer also covers you for this use.

So there you have it, your GapInsurance123 policy will provide you with cover if your vehicle is 'written off' as a total loss due to an accident, fire and theft.