Why is a Gap Insurance Claim Limit so important?

We all want value for money.

We all want to save money and yet still have the protection levels we need.

With this in mind, when shopping online for gap insurance it can at first glance seem easy to simply lower a claim limit. Although the differences in policy prices are not massive it can make a big big difference.

After all Vehicle Replacement Insurance is Vehicle Replacement Insurance, it will pay the difference between your vehicles value on the day it is written off and the amount that you need to spend to buy another vehicle the same as yours was on the day that you collected it. Why should a claim limit matter?

The Gap Insurance claim limit you choose can be as important as the terms and conditions of the policy you buy.

This is because your claim limit is the maximum amount that you will ever be able to claim from your gap insurance policy. Yes, it is an amount over and above your own motor insurance companies settlement, however, it still needs to be big enough to be able to perform. it needs to be big enough to be able to pay you the full amount that you need.

To compound the issue the claim limit that you need to adequately cover you will depend on the level of cover you want and long you want it for. This is because each level of cover will protect different aspects.

For example, if you are buying using a form of finance or contract hire gap insurance then you need only think of protecting just any shortfall between the vehicle value and the amount outstanding on finance.

Equally, if you want to protect your vehicle with a form of return to invoice you need to think about a limit that is big enough to be able to take you all the way back to the full invoice price you paid.

Conversely, if you want vehicle replacement the claim limit has to be able to protect the full invoice price but also have room to be able to cover any inflationary increase.

The only golden rule is that when it comes to claim limit, more is always more. No-one ever likes to think about how much their vehicle will lose but to be able to pick a suitable claim limit you need to think about any potential deprecation logically and dispassionately. Don't forget that motor experts estimate that the average vehicle with average usage can lose up to 50% within the first three years alone. 

As always we are helping you understand your gap insurance options and help with any claim limit questions, so why not contact a member of the team and discuss your vehicle and possible levels of gap insurance?