Easy Gap and GapInsurance123

The GapInsurance123 brand is owned and operated by UK limited company, and Insurance specialist Aequitas Automotive Ltd. However the GapInsurance123 brand is not the only brand in the Aequitas family, indeed in many ways the Gap123 brand is the 'new kid on the block'. When you call the Customer Services Team on 0800 195 4926 you will not be greeted with 'Welcome to GapInsurance123', instead we will identify ourselves as 'Aequitas'. This is in part because you could be looking for a quote from either of our leading GAP brands, GapInsurance123 or our sister sites EasyGap.co.uk, Shortfall.co.uk, Totallossgap.co.uk, and TyreInsurance123.co.uk.

Why do we operate more than one Gap Insurance brand?

Insurance is like any other business, volume counts. Our underwriting partners provide us with highly competitive premium prices only because we continue to provide a high volume of policy sales to them. This 'wholesale' rate can only be maintained by providing a consistent level of business, far in excess of what a typical motor dealer may present in a year. Our business model is such that we do not offer discount codes, or transient 'deals', we offer what we believe to be the very best policies in the UK at the very best premium prices we can.

The success of this model is such that we are one of the very few insurance providers in the UK who can sustain a level of business to provide not one, but a number of independent brands with Gap Insurance policies underwritten by a range of insurers.

The obvious advantage of getting a quote from Aequitas is that we can compare our brands dispassionately, as they are all part of the Aequitas family. We can compare our policies for you, and as we understand them fully we can compare accurately to point out the particular benefits of each for your particular circumstance.

Ultimately we believe this ability sets us apart from the rest of the competition. Aequitas Automotive is a broker and can find a solution to fit your circumstances. Other one man 'brands' as it were may have to make you fit their policy without any options to compare to.

Does this suit all consumers? Well we certainly hope so. All our brands have featured in the Which report into Gap Insurance from 2012, as well as Easy Gap and GapInsurance123 featuring in the Moneysaving Expert Gap Insurance report since 2016.

So there you have our explanation of the relationship between Easy Gap, Totallossgap, Shortfall, TyreInsurance123 and GapInsurance123, five brands for the price of one (free) phone call!