Questions about Deferred Gap Insurance

When you buy a new car, many motor insurers will provide you with 'replacement' cover if your vehicle is written off in the first twelve months of your ownership. This means that is say your vehicle is stolen, instead of paying your the 'market value' at the time it is lost, they will provide you with another vehicle equivalent to the one your first purchased.

This means that you may not require Gap Insurance as well for this period, as your motor insurer protects you in a similar way. However, your 'replacement' cover will end in twelve months, and what about protection at that point?

The answer is to defer the start date of your gap insurance for up to a year, to coincide with the end of your replacement cover on your motor insurance. This means you are only paying for the insurance once, and gaining the benefit of an extended period of cover.

Questions about Deferred Gap Insurance

How does this work? Well we have provided a list of commonly asked questions from our customers, regarding Deferred Gap Insurance, please feel free tom take a look through.

1-Do all Gap Insurance policies allow you to defer your start date?

No, indeed actually very few in the UK market do at the moment. However, the Association of British Insurers issued new guidelines regarding Gap Insurance some time ago. The new ethis of 'treating customers fairly', the ABI have asked insurers to consider giving customers full value for their money. Requiring a consumer to pay for cover when they already have it may not follow these suggestions, but we see generally the larger insurers will allow a 'deferred' start date for Gap Policies.

Some smaller or less specialised insurers, who only offer Gap Insurance as a minor product in their portfolio, may not have this facility available. These insurers may not have the attention on these products as they may not be core to their business. At GapInsurance123 we feel it is crucial to offer the very best value, and so will offer deferred start dates on appropriate cover.

2 - When do I have to purchase Gap Insurance if I wish to defer the start date?

This is a really important point. If you wish to buy Return to Invoice or Vehicle Replacement policies from GapInsurance123, you must do so within 180 days of the vehicle purchase. This is regardless of whether you have replacement cover on your motor insurance for a full year.

If you leave the purchase until the first year has lapsed then we cannot provide you with RTI or VRI Gap protection with a deferred start date. For a deferred policy, simply buy the policy within 180 days and set the start date accordingly.

3 - How do I select a deferred policy for a quote?

Our system is designed to be as easy as 1-2-3! You do not have to select a specific deferred policy at all. If you select a 3 year policy, it can be started from day one, or deferred until 12 months time to give you full four year protection. You are also not charged extra to defer your start date, something that you may be elsewhere.

4 - Which types of cover can you defer the start date?

There are two types of Gap Insurance available on GapInsurance123 that you could defer the start date. They are Combined Return to Invoice and Combined Vehicle Replacement Insurance. These are the most popular choices for new car purchases and therefore most likely to be attractive choices for consumers who have purchased these vehicles.

5 - Why do you not offer deferred start dates for Finance Gap and Agreed Value?

Simply because you do not need to defer these policies. Agreed Value can be bought at any time of vehicle ownership. Unlike many online providers of Finance Gap, you do not have to buy a GapInsurance123 Finance Gap policy within a fixed period of the vehicle purchase. Again a Finance Gap policy from ourselves can be purchased at any point of the vehicle ownership. Hence no deferred option required for these.

6 - How do I set up a deferred policy online?

Could not be easier! Simply select the standard length of cover you require, eg for 3 years deferred for 1 year simpl select a 3 year policy. When you click to buy, you will be asked to fill in the details of the policyholder and the vehicle. During this process you will be asked when you wish your gap insurance to start, and for a deferred start date simply enter that date that your wish your policy to start in the future.

7 - Am I charged more for a deferred start policy?

As you are actually extending the risk of the cover by starting your Gap cover later, many insurers do charge you extra if you wish to defer the cover start date. It is usual to see a deferred 3 year policy slightly more expensive than a standard 3 year policy, yet cheaper than a 4 year. This would make some sense as you are looking to protect to the end of a fouth year instead of just three, and therefore the risk is higher.

However, the great news with a GapInsurance123 policy is that you can get a standard policy for the same price as a deferred policy, we simply do not charge you any more!

8 - What happens if I buy a deferred Gap policy and date it to start in a year, and change my insurer in say six months and they do not offer replacement cover?

If you do defer your start date for 12 months, and you change motor insurer to a policy that does not offer replacement cover, you could be left exposed for a few months......but not with GapInsurance123! Simply give us a ring and we can bring forward the deferred start date to ensure your cover is uninterupted.

9 - Why do other Gap Insurance companies say I should not defer my start date?

Well as one customer commented to our sales representive 'Possibly because they do not have a policy they can defer the start date for?'

Of course we would not wish tom comment to closely on other providers policies and features they may or not have. However, at GapInsurance123 we think it is important in the ethos of 'treating customers fairly' that we provide you with the option of the deferred start date. As long as you are satisfied with the terms of your motor insurers replacement cover, then you can gain full value for money by deferring the date at which your protection starts.

We feel this feature is something consumers would expect from a major brand underwritten by a specialist insurer.

10 - What is the longest period of cover I can defer the start date for?

Our underwriting insurer will provide protection for a maximum of 5 years from the vehicle purchase date. That is to say the maximum length of cover you can defer the start date for is 4 years, allowing you 5 year protection.

To give you an idea of the savings you can get by using this feature, we can provide a 4 year deferred Return to Invoice policy for £97. That gives you a full 5 year cover (when used in conjunction with your first year on your motor insurance) for just £97, or less than £20 a year!!

Please note you cannot buy a 5 year policy and defer the start date as the policy cover will lapse 5 years after the vehicle purchase.

11 - Which vehicles can I defer the start date for, are there any exceptions?

Again, the simplicity and success of GapInsurance123 is that all our standard policies are available for cars, vans, motorbikes, motorhomes, taxi's and driving schools. There are no exceptions specific to deferring your start date as we do not have specific policies for higer risk vehicles such as taxi's and motorcycles.

If you have 'replacement' cover on your motor insurance policy, then you can defer a return to invoice or vehicle replacement policy with GapInsurance123!