How to get a Gap Insurance quote from GapInsurance123

We all have busy lives and do not want to spend hours and hours trying to get information from the internet. At GapInsurance123, we understand this too and have devised a quotation system that will not only offer you the types of Gap Insurance applicable to you, but also allow you to directly compare the different levels of cover, should more than one be available.

We believe this approach makes us quite unique amongst our competitors and is born out of the feedback we have obtained from customers and website visitors. We do have a freephone telephone number for customers to call as well as a local rate number, as we encourage you to call for a chat over any issues regarding the cover, but we cannot be at the end of the line 24 hours a day, therefore we have to ensure our website is as easy to use as possible.

How to get Gap Insurance quote from GapInsurance123

Firstly, when you click for a quote you will find a series of questions to answer. This initial process will eliminate any types of cover available to you, possibly due to age and mileage of the vehicle, or the method you purchased the vehicle. As we understand that gap protection is not something that is always easily understood, we use these questions to try to lessen the chance that a type of gap cover could be chosen, that simply would not work if you had to make a claim.

Once you have answered the questions, you will be taken to the quotation page. At the top, your answers given in the previous section will be confirmed. Please ensure these are correct as you understand them, if you wish to answer them again, simply click the 'back' button on your web browser.

You will see a section called 'Build Your Quote', which will contain 3 sections for you to complete to generate your quote. They are:

1- Price of Vehicle : This is simply the invoice price, or 'cash price' of the vehicle. This should be the price you actually paid, including your part exchange value and any cash deposit, but excluding any finance interest, you may accrue on any hire purchase agreement on the vehicle. This price must also have any discount you have negotiated deducted also, as this is not something you have actually paid, and would not form part of the purchase price.

With one particular type of Gap Insurance, the value for 'Price of Vehicle' is slightly different. With Agreed Value Gap Insurance, the value you enter should be the Glass' Guide Retail Price for the vehicle (we will actually cover 105% of the GGR), at the time you buy the policy. These values can be found on the Glass' Guide website, certainly give us a call of you have any problems with this.

2- Claim Limit : Possibly the most important aspect of the quote is the 'claim limit' you opt for. If you are offered a gap policy by a motor dealer, they may never mention the claim limit as dealer policies are often fixed limits. However, a GapInsurance123 policy can have a choice of limits, so hopefully you can choose on appropriate for your needs.

The 'Claim Limit' is basically the maximum you can claim just on your gap insurance policy. So if you had 'return to invoice' and the difference between the value of the vehicle at the time it is written off and the original invoice price is say £6,000, then your claim limit would need to be big enough to accommodate this.

We have a specific page on How to choose your Claim Limit for more in-depth information.

3- Length of Cover : This is the maximum length of time that you wish to have cover for. It is simply a choice for you to make, however, there is one aspect that needs a little more explanation.

If you are looking for Return to Invoice or Vehicle Replacement Insurance AND you have replacement cover in the first year on your own motor insurance, then you can look to defer the start date of your policy, to avoid paying for the cover twice. This means that you could take a 4 year Vehicle Replacement policy, defer the start date for 12 months, to allow yourself a full 5-year protection. Here is the really good thing too, GapInsurance123 (unlike some other suppliers) does not charge you more to defer the start date of your policy. This means that a 4-year policy is the same price if you start it from day one, or defer it to start in a years time.

One final point regarding deferring the start date of the cover, the maximum period of cover is 5 years from the vehicle purchase, so the maximum deferred policies would be for 4 years. We cannot defer a 5-year policy for 12 months to allow you 6-year cover, in other words.

Now you have your quote, what next?

Well, you have a couple of options if you wish to buy your policy you can either complete the process online, which would take around 5 minutes after you have gained your quote, or call us and we are happy to complete it for you.

You can also save you quote, which will send an email link to you. Follow this link back and you will land directly back on the quote page, without having to answer your questions again, or complete the 3 quote details outlined above. You can still adjust the quote for length of cover, claim limit etc.

By saving your quote, you are also saving your precious time also, which when you are sorting out the purchase of a new car, can be better spent elsewhere.

We hope our rundown on how to get a gap insurance quote helps, if you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us.