Top 5 Reasons to choose GapInsurance123

We encourage anyone to compare Gap Insurance policies carefully when choosing a type of cover to protect yourself with. We think there are many reasons why GapInsurance123 policies have a better combination of features than any other in the market. Having studied other policies, and recognised the strengths of each, GapInsurance123 cover was designed with the very best features in mind. This is an ongoing process, with new Gap Insurance policy features being added recently.  

To summarise, we have given you our Top 5 Reasons why we believe GapInsurance123 policies are simply the best.

1. Features -Return to Invoice or Vehicle Replacement for up to 5 years
-Vehicle Replacement that pays YOU not the dealer
-Agreed Value that pays to 105% of Glass' Guide retail
-Cover for the cost of Paint and Fabric Protection
- Finance and Contract Hire Gap that can be taken at any point of vehicle ownership
- All standard policies available for Cars, Motorbikes, Motorhomes, Taxi's and Driving Schools
2. Cancellation and Refund An initial 'cooling off' period of 30 days, with a full refund on cancellation
Cancel at any point after 30 days and receive a pro rata refund of unused premium*
3. Premium Price GapInsurance123 policies have been included in the Gap Insurance report by Which Magazine since 2012, measured against the other leading Gap Insurance providers.
4. Transfer & Defer Transfer unused portion of Return to Invoice, Vehicle Replacement or Agreed Value policies*
Defer the start date of Return to Invoice or Vehicle Replacement if you have replacement cover on your motor insurance
5. Claims Written commitment to pay you within 14 days of your motor insurance settlement, claims handled in the UK

*subject to an insurers administration fee

Remember, all these features are not aspects simply promised by GapInsurance123, they are written into the policy terms and conditions.

How can we achieve all this, and more with a GapInsurance123 policy?


GapInsurance123 is a brand of Aequitas Automotive Ltd.

Aequitas are a member of the British Insurance Brokers Association (006652), as a member of the Automotive Compliance Network along with many household names and dealer groups.

Aequitas Automotive Ltd is the only leading UK Insurance provider to have three Gap Insurance brands underwritten by major insurers. GapInsurance123's sister sites, Easy Gap and also has a range of policies and so Aequitas Automotive has the ability to impartially compare all three for you.

Between GapInsurance123, Easy Gap and we can provide you with a choice of 11 Gap Insurance products.

GapInsurance123 policies are underwritten by AmTrust International Underwriters Limited and administered (including Claims) by Motorway Direct PLC. Aequitas Automotive Ltd will only use underwriters who are a specialist in the field, and who are noted as underwriters for other brands, as well as Aequitas Automotive. We feel that the underwriting insurer is ultimately the most important aspect of any policy. We want you to be able to recognise the insurer in this market, and a quick internet search will confirm AmTrust International Underwriters Limited's standing in this field.

Motorway Direct PLC will handle all claims via their UK based call centre in Sheffield.

How confident are we that AM Trust and Motorway Direct will handle any potential claim professionally? Take a look at the Policy Terms and Conditions, and you will see a written commitment to you to settle your Gap Insurance claim within 14 days of your motor insurance settlement. Others may say they will do this, but do they put it in writing?

GapInsurance123, Easy Gap and are featured amongst the leading Gap Insurance suppliers on the Which Report on Gap Insurance. The report also highlighted how competitive GapInsurance123 is on premium price when compared to other online providers.

Treating Customers Fairly

The whole of the Insurance industry have been focused on making insurance products that are fair to the consumer. This means allowing for policy features that suit the customer, not asking the customer to suit the features. Also, there is a shift towards making policies easier to understand and manage. To ensure this happens with GapInsurance123 policies do this, we have designed and introduced a number of features for you.

Deferred Gap Insurance - If you have replacement cover on your motor insurance already, then you can defer the start date of a GapInsurance123 Return to Invoice or Vehicle Replacement policy for up to 12 months. This gives you the opportunity to avoid 'double cover' by having a Gap Insurance policy running concurrently.

Transferable Gap Insurance - A GapInsurance123 policy (Return to Invoice, Vehicle Replacement Insurance or Agreed Value) can be transferred to another vehicle, should you change your vehicle in the policy term. From January 2014 there is no administration fee for a policy transfer. We also have a second option, whereby if the unused portion of your current policy is not long enough for your new vehicle, we can use the 'cash in' value of the remainder of the old policy as a discount on your new GapInsurance123 Gap Insurance policy purchase.

Cancellable with a Refund - All GapInsurance123 policies come with a 30-day 'cooling off' period, during which time you can cancel with a full refund. This period is amongst the longest in the UK and gives you plenty of time in which to look through your policy, reject your vehicle, and even just simply change your mind on the cover.

After 30 days, GapInsurance123 policies can still be cancelled, and you will receive a pro-rata refund of any unused premium. There is an administration charge of £35 to do this, again we believe this is as low as can be found in the UK.

Our policies are written plainly, and are simple to understand. If you are unsure of any aspect of cover, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Premium Price

It is all very well to provide a list of features and advantages that GapInsurance123 may have over policies from elsewhere, but the gloss may be taken away from this somewhat if our premium prices are twice as high as our competitors.

Well, we believe we have taken care of this too! With the volume of business, we provide to our insurers, we are able to have enough influence of policy design to incorporate the features we describe. It also allows us to attract wholesale discounts on policy premiums for our customers.

Our GapInsurance123 website is available 24 hours a day, however, our customer services team may not be! We want a customer who buys a policy at 2am in the morning, to have the same access to value for money premiums, as someone who calls our team at 2pm in the afternoon.

This means we do not offer discount codes at all, the price you see is the price you pay. We do a price check our rivals constantly, and we will never be beaten on a like for like policy. We are only human, and if we have missed a premium that is cheaper than GapInsurance123 just give us a ring. We may have to wake up a member of our price match team, as they are not in action very often, but we will move heaven and earth to provide you with the very best policy we can, at the best UK premium price.

So there is our aim, in a nutshell, the very best policies, with the very best features, at the very best Gap Insurance prices in the UK!