How quickly is a GapInsurance123 Claim paid?

We are always asked one very important question 'How quickly are Claims paid on GapInsurance123 policies?' After all, you are taking a Gap Insurance policy to protect you financially, then you want to be paid quickly and efficiently too!

GapInsurance123 Gap Insurance policies have a 10 working day commitment, written into the policy terms and conditions, to settle your Gap Insurance claim from the time your motor insurers settle with you.  

The time taken by your Gap Insurance policy to settle your claim can be crucial, lets consider why.

Gap Insurance Policy Claims

If you look at any Gap Insurance Claim, then in all honesty the process should be fairly straightforward. The whole claims process will only begin when your own motor insurance actually 'write off' the vehicle as a total loss. At this point, the Gap Insurance claim can begin, and providing you supply the requested documentation to the Claims team, there is no reason why the claim cannot be processed quickly and efficiently.

The speed of a Gap Insurance claim settlement can be even more important if you have a finance settlement on the vehicle, that is even higher than the vehicle value settled by your motor insurer. As you may know, if your vehicle is written off, and you have finance outstanding on it, your finance company may require it to be settled in full very quickly. If your motor insurance settlement does not cover the finance settlement in full, you need your Gap Insurance to be settled quickly in order to pay it.

Considering you pay instalments on your finance every month, you may either have to pay further instalments (if the finance company allow you to), or have potential penalties and interest charges levied against you if the Gap Insurance policy is not settled quickly.

Our 14 day Gap Insurance Claim payout commitment

Why does the GapInsurance123 policy feature a written commitment within the terms and conditions, to settle your Gap Insurance Claim within 10 working days of your motor insurance settlement? What makes us so confident we can fulfil this?

There are several reasons:
  • The Claims Team is UK based, in Sheffield, with a wealth of experience in this field. They perform the same duty for many well known brands in the UK.
  • We work with you every step of the way. The claims process can only officially begin when your vehicle is written off, but we encourage you to call GapInsurance123 if you are awaiting confirmation from your insurers, so we can check that you have all documentation to hand. In doing this, we can provide everything the Claims Team will require, and this will mean they can process everything as quickly as possible.
  • If necessary, the claims team can pay your finance settlement directly to the finance company. This can eliminate time where payment clears in your account, and then transfers to clear your finance. Again, this minimises the chances of interest accruing and penalties from your finance company.

The Claims process is swift, and we put this commitment in writing! We can do this because the insurer and claims team is large enough, and has the resources to perform their job in an efficient manner.  Having the correct infrastructure means the process can work this way. If you are looking at other Gap Insurance policies, how do they approach their claims process? What do they have in place to ensure you are paid quickly?

If you are looking at another Gap Insurance policy that does not commit to pay you so quickly, then ask why not?