What are Dealer Fitted Accessories and what can I include?

When you buy a vehicle from a dealer, you often purchase 'extras' such as mudflaps, vehicle mats, paint and fabric protection, extended warranties and furry dice! However, can your Gap Insurance cover your dealer fitted accessories, and if so which ones will they cover?

Lets start by asking perhaps an obvious question:

What is a Dealer Fitted Accessory?

When you order a brand new vehicle, you may opt for 'factory fit' options. These are usually options such as leather upholstery or a sunroof, that are above the standard vehicle specification, and can be seen as an option in the manufacturer price list. With GapInsurance123 policies such as Return to Invoice and Vehicle Replacement Insurance, ALL Factory Fitted Options are included for cover.

A Dealer Fitted Option is, as the term suggests, not ordered to be built with the vehicle, but added by your motor dealer when the car arrives with them. Examples of items that are usually dealer fitted items are mudflaps, carpet mats, boot liners, Paint and Fabric Protection and Service Plans.

With GapInsurance123 policies such as Return to Invoice and Vehicle Replacement Insurance. up to £1500 of Dealer Fitted Accessories are included for cover, providing they are shown on the sales invoice for the vehicle.

The GapInsurance123 advantage with Dealer Fitted Accessories

Many Gap Insurance policies on the market will offer protection on dealer fitted options on your purchase, typically allowing for £1000 to £1500 to be covered. However, you may want to check what items may be excluded from this list. Paint and Fabric Protection and non-transferable warranty items are very popular choices for consumers and carry a reasonable price tag too. However, many Gap Insurance policies will not cover the cost of these items, as they are viewed as 'insurance' backed.

However, if your GapInsurance123 policy does cover dealer fitted options, then we will cover the cost of Paint and Fabric Protection and non-transferable warranty items, within the £1500 limit.

This could mean a potential £300-£600 claim payout difference if you opt for another policy who does not cover these items.

That is the GapInsurance123 advantage on your dealer fitted options cover.