Become a GapInsurance123 Affiliate Memeber

Looking to add value and facilities to your website, become a GapInsurance123 Affiliate!

Are you an online car retailer, motoring blogger or insurance broker looking to add value to your web visitors? Gap Insurance is one of the most popular products associated with the sale of a vehicle in the UK today.

GapInsurance123 is a leading UK retailer of this product, and was featured in the Which Report in 2012 on Gap Insurance. Indeed we are proud of the fact that 5 of the 6 quotes gained by Which, GapInsurance123 provided the cheapest UK premium quote when compared with motor dealers and other online brokers. We have been featured within the Which Report on Gap Insurance every year since.

Why GapInsurance123 for Gap Insurance?

GapInsurance123 offers unique product features not seen in combination elsewhere, just some of which include:

- Up to 5 year Return to Invoice cover

- Up to 5 year Vehicle Replacement Insurance

- Up to 5 year Finance and Contract Hire Gap protection that can be bought at any time of a finance agreement

- Agreed Value Gap that covers to 105% of the Glass's Guide Retail Value

- Policies that are transferable, cancellable and deferable

- Policies that will cover the cost of Paint Protection and non transferable warranty items

Ok so the policies are good, but why choose GapInsurance123 above anyone else?

In 2012 GapInsurance123 was highlighted as providing the cheapest UK premium price by Which? (on 5 out of 6 quotes they compared with motor dealer and other online brands).

Why become a GapInsurance123 affiliate?

We employ a simple system. This means we will provide you with a specifically generated affiliate link that you can place on your website. If a website visitor clicks the link, a cookie is placed to identify them as a visitor who came from an advertisment on your website. This cookie will last for up to 90 days, and even if they return directly to GapInsurance123 within the 90 day period and purchase a policy, they will still be identified as a customer who first visited from your advertisment. Any sale will generate an advertisment  fee for you, as a 'thank you' for placing the advertising link on your website.

We provide all affiliates with a unique login for our system. Here you will be able to see the advertisment revenue you have generated, as well as unique clicks and page 'hits' from your website visitors. We feel this gives you a fully transparent view of the success of the advertisment on your website.

Why is the GapInsurance123 scheme different?

Well the link provided runs only to the GapInsurance123 website. This means that your website visitors are offered the same 'market leading policies and premium prices as anyone else. If the prices cannot be beaten elsewhere, and the policies are as good as we believe they are, then the conversion rate is high. This means you can see meaningful advertisment fees heading your way

So if you have a website that could have visitors interested in Gap Insurance, why not make the best revenue you possibly can. You are providing a valuable feature for your visitors that can earn you money too.

To find out more contact us at or call us on 0800 195 4926.

GapInsurance123 provide excellent policies at the very best UK premium prices. This means that when website visitors and consumers come to our website they are less likely buy elsewhere if the compare quotes. This means that you will find a much better conversion rate for customers who refer from your site