New Car Gap Insurance with GapInsurance123

What is new car gap insurance and why would you need it?

When you buy a new car, the chances are that it will have cost you a lot of money, whether you are lucky enough to pay for it using cash, savings or even a form of finance, it's likely to be the second biggest purchase you make after your home.

In fact, your dealership should have spoken to you about a gap insurance for your new car as part of their duty of care.

For you to be able to understand what gap insurance is, we need to highlight two basic facts.

  1. Whatever new car you have bought, it's likely over time to lose money. No matter what fantastic once in a lifetime deal you have been able to negotiate, your new car will not be worth the purchase price you paid in two, three or four years time.
  2. You own motor insurance policy will only pay you the market value of your new car on the day it was written off.

Gone are the days where nearly all insurance companies offered new for old replacement insurance on a new car within the first twelve months. In fact because of the costs, fewer insurance companies now offer this and even if yours does, you may find that there are restrictions such as limitations on mileage.

If your insurance company still offers new for old in the first 12 months and you are happy with their terms and conditions why not call our team on 0151 647 7556 / 0800 195 4926 and  ask for a deferred start date for your gap insurance?

Example of Gap Insurance

Let's say you have just bought a new Mini Cooper Hatchback 1.6 Chilli Pack and paid £17065. We have used the Mini deliberately as it is traditionally known for keeping its value. 

Three years later your Mini is stolen.

Your own insurance company offers you the market value of the vehicle at that time, which based on average miles using What Car 's Depreciation calculator, will be in the region of £8,758.

Gap Insurance in this example could have protected you in many ways.

  • Finance Gap Insurance will pay the difference between the insurance settlement and the amount of money left outstanding on finance.
  • Return to Invoice will pay the difference between the insurance settlement and the higher of either, the invoice price or the amount outstanding on finance.
  • Vehicle replacement gap insurance would have paid the difference between the amount of money outstanding on finance or the replacement cost of another new Mini even if the cost has gone up.

Let's say for illustration purposes, you had taken vehicle replacement insurance and that the cost of a New Mini Cooper 1.6 is now £18995. You would have received a cheque from your own insurance company for the market value which was £8,758 and a second cheque from GapInsurance123 for £10,237. This means that you would now have the full amount you need to buy another new mini of the same specification again.

After all, whether your new car was stolen or involved in an accident, the prospect of driving exactly the same car again may not be something to look forward to. We think that it is your money and that it should be your choice as to what you do with it.

All of our new car gap insurance policies offer feature-packed cover, tailor made to offer not only guaranteed market leading prices, but also complete peace of mind. Why not click or call 0800 195 4926 for an instant quotation or to explore your new car gap insurance options.