Agreed Value Gap Insurance from GapInsurance123

What is Agreed Value Gap Insurance and what does it do?

If you are looking for Gap cover, not everyone has owned a vehicle for less than 180 days and have an invoice from your dealer. These are the basic requirements for most Gap Insurance policies in the UK today. You may have bought your vehicle privately or owned it for sometime. If you fall outside the main requirements you may have thought that there was no possibility of protecting yourself with certain gap insurance policies.

Agreed Value Gap Insurance from GapInsurance123 could provide the answer!

Agreed Value Gap Insurance from GapInsurance123 is designed to cover between the value (105% of Glass' Guide Retail) of your vehicle on the day when you take out the policy, and the value when and if it is written off. This can allow you to protect this value for up to 4 years. So if you buy a vehicle privately, or have owned it for more than 180 days, then Agreed Value Gap Insurance could be the solution and a real safety net.

Why Agreed Value Gap Insurance?

This form of guaranteed asset protection allows people to protect the value of their vehicle now. So if you have owned your vehicle for more than 180 days, then you can protect against future depreciation, should the vehicle be involved in an accident or stolen.

The reasons for the popularity of Agreed Value Gap Insurance are clear, all vehicles tend to lose value over time. Even if you buy privately, or at auction, no matter what 'bargain' price you may have achieved, will be worth less in four years time than they do today.

Agreed Value Gap Insurance may be known by several different names, Shortfall, Retail Value Protection, Used Car Gap Insurance, but always protects the value of your vehicle today, for the future.

Are all Agreed Value Gap Insurance policies the same?

No, not all Agreed Value Gap Insurance is the same. Below, you will see the most important points you need to look out for.

  • Check which 'retail value' your vehicles valuation is based on and what percentage.

Some gap insurance companies used Parkers Guide, but the majority use Glass's Guide Retail Value. Most only offer 100% of the retail valuation,  some including GapInsurance123 even protect 105% of Glass' Guide Retail Value (this difference could mean that you lose hundreds, if not thousands of pounds worth of protection).

Also, in common with all GapInsurance123 policies, we try to keep things simple! Our Agreed Value Gap Insurance is available for cars, vans, motorbikes, motorhomes, driving school vehicles and taxi's

Let me show you any example and why this can be all the difference when it comes to Agreed Value Gap Insurance.

If Parkers Guide Value the vehicle at £8,800, the Glass' Guide retail could be £9600.

Why not click or call and see how inexpensive and easy protecting yourself with Agreed Value Gap Insurance from GapInsurance123 can be.