Taxi Gap Insurance from GapInsurance123

Taxi Gap Insurance is just one of a number of new Guaranteed Asset Protection policies available from GapInsurance123 today. Taxi's and Private Hire vehicles are essential 'tools' of the trade to their owners. If the vehicle was in an accident, or stolen, and written off by an insurance company, have you ever considered what that would mean to you, and how Taxi Gap Insurance could help?

Why Taxi Gap Insurance from GapInsurance123?

If you buy a taxi or a Private Hire vehicle, it is likely that the vehicle will cover high mileage over a short period of time. Hopefully, making you lots and lots of money. This will mean that the depreciation in value of the vehicle is much higher than the equivalent standard vehicle, i.e the higher the mileage the quicker the vehicle depreciates.

If  your vehicle then joins the estimated 600,000 other vehicles written off in the UK each year, you are faced with three potential problems:

  • Your insurance payout may only be the  'market value', not what you originally paid. This could be thousands and thousands of pounds less than you first paid for the vehicle.
  • You have to replace the vehicle, and the equivalent model could be much more expensive now which means using your hard earned cash, or savings.
  • You may have a finance settlement to pay, which could be higher than your insurance 'market value', leaving you to pay the difference, do you really want to pay for something for many more years to come that you can now longer use?

Your taxi is how you make your living and is essential to you, this situation presents real financial headache well unless you have a spare couple of thousand pounds in the bank? Taxi Gap Insurance could give you a solution for this.

Taxi Gap Insurance from GapInsurance123

Taxi Gap Insurance from GapInsurance123 is not a single level of cover. Instead, we offer the same range of Taxi Gap Insurance products to Taxi and private hire Drivers as we do to any other type of vehicle owner.

Taxi Finance Gap - to cover the difference between the vehicle market value, and the outstanding finance settlement. If you owe more on the finance than the vehicle is worth, Finance Taxi Gap Insurance can cover this for you. If you have owned the vehicle for more than 180 days, do not despair, our Taxi Finance Gap could still cover you.

Taxi Combined RTI Gap Insurance - to cover the difference between the vehicle market value and the original invoice price, or outstanding finance settlement if higher. This is how RTI Taxi Gap Insurance can protect you.

Taxi Combined VRI Gap Insurance - to cover the difference between the vehicle market value and the cost of replacing your vehicle with the model equivalent to the one you bought the policy for, or the outstanding finance settlement, whichever is the higher amount. We believe is the only source of VRI Taxi Gap Insurance in the UK.

Taxi Agreed Value Gap Insurance- to cover the difference between the vehicle market value and the Glass' Guide Retail Value of the vehicle when you bought the policy. Ideal for those who have owned the vehicle for more than 180 days, or have bought it privately and cannot provide a VAT Invoice. This form of Taxi Gap Insurance means that you can protect your vehicle value today, for the future.

Not all taxi gap insurance is the same even if it is underwritten by the same insurers it will have different terms and conditions so you will be pleased to now that each Van Gap Insurance policy from GapInsurance123 comes with the following as standard. To qualify for Taxi Gap Insurance from GapInsurance123 your taxi has to be listed in Glass' Guide;

  • Combined cover - if you owe more than the vehicle replacement cost or original invoice price on the finance settlement, we pay to clear the finance for you with your Taxi Gap Insurance RTI or VRI cover.
  • VRI Taxi Gap Insurance that PAYS YOU the cost equivalent to replacing the vehicle. This leaves you free to choose your next vehicle, and not be tied to the vehicle, or dealer you had last time.
  • Up to 5 years, Taxi Gap Insurance cover available - for vehicles up to £75,000 invoice price, and up to £25,000 claim limits available.
  • Transferable VRI Taxi Gap Insurance policy - you can transfer cover to another vehicle within your chosen period of cover.
  • RTI & VRI Taxi Gap Insurance that you can defer the start date up to 12 months.
  • If your own insurance replaces the vehicle under its own terms, we will transfer the remainder of your Taxi Gap Insurance cover to your replacement vehicle Free of Charge.
  • No Restrictions or Limits on Purchase Price - Whatever price you pay, we will cover, even if this is in excess of the Glass' Guide Retail value.
  • £250 towards your own motor insurance excess - If the vehicle is written off, there is no excess on our policy to be deducted, in fact, the insurers will pay the first £250 of your own vehicle insurance excess with a Taxi Gap Insurance policy from GapInsurance123!
  • Cover for Cars, LCV's, Motorhome's, Motorbike's, Private Hire Taxi's.
  • Clear commitment to settle your claim within 14 days of your motor insurers settlement.
  • Covers All Factory Fitted Options
  • Includes cover for up to £1,500 of dealer fitted accessories
  • Covers paint & upholstery protection,
  • Covers insurance premiums and nontransferable warranty charges
  • Covers theft with keys
  • You can buy cover up to 180 days after vehicle purchase from your dealer with RTI or VRI Taxi Gap Insurance, and at any point of the vehicle ownership with Finance or Agreed Value Taxi Gap Insurance.
  • Covers all named drivers -
  • Covers drivers on Provisional Licence
  • Transfers to next of kin in the event if death

Taxi Gap Insurance from GapInsurance123 means you can protect your business asset for up to 5 years. Taxi Gap Insurance has never been easier than 1-2-3!