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What is VRI Gap or Vehicle Replacement Insurance, how does it work?

VRI Gap Insurance will pay the difference between your motor insurers settlement, at the point of loss, and the cost of replacing it with another vehicle matching the vehicle's original specification age and mileage (on the day you bought it) or the amount outstanding on finance, whichever is the higher.*

VRI Gap Insurance, or Vehicle Replacement Insurance it is sometimes called, is an innovative level of Gap Insurance and now one of the most popular in the UK today. More basic levels of Gap Insurance, such as Return to Invoice Gap or Finance Gap, are solely concerned with the financial aspects of your current vehicle. Whilst VRI Gap Insurance also covers this, it has one added and very distinct advantage over the other levels of cover. Why? Simply because you have to replace the vehicle which has just been written off.

Let's say the vehicle you buy in 2016 is £12,000. You buy a form of Return to Invoice cover. Unfortunately, the vehicle is written off but thankfully you had gap insurance so you get all your original £12,000 back. However, now you have to replace the vehicle, and the equivalent model is now £14,000. This would mean that you would still have to find another £2,000.

If you had opted for VRI Gap Insurance, you would have been paid the £14,000, whereas Return to Invoice Gap only covers you to £12,000.

*From 13/1/15 GapInsurance123 Vehicle Replacement Insurance has added Vehicle Invoice Protection. This means that in the event of a 'total loss' the policy will cover the difference between the motor insurer's settlement and the higher of:

  • a replacement vehicle matching the original vehicle age, mileage and specification at the time you purchase it

  • the original net invoice price paid

  • the outstanding finance settlement

Why VRI Gap Insurance from GapInsurance123.co.uk?

Buy Vehicle Replacement Insurance bespoke feature rich VRI Gap Insurance policies from GapInsurance123.co.uk

  • Combined cover - if you owe more than the vehicle replacement cost on the finance settlement, your policy will pay to clear the finance for you
  • VRI Gap Insurance that PAYS YOU the cost equivalent to replacing the vehicle. This leaves you free to choose your next vehicle, and not be tied to the vehicle, or dealer you had last time.
  • Up to 5 years cover available - for vehicles up to £75,000 invoice price, and up to £25,000 claim limits available
  • Transferable VRI Gap Insurance policy - you can transfer cover to another vehicle within your chosen period of cover.
  • VRI Gap Insurance that you can defer the start date up to 12 months.
  • If your own insurance replaces the vehicle under its own terms, we will transfer the remainder of your cover to your replacement vehicle Free of Charge.
  • No Restrictions or Limits on Purchase Price - Whatever price you pay, we will cover, even if this is in excess of the Glass' Guide Retail value
  • £250 towards your own motor insurance excess - If the vehicle is written off, there is no excess on our policy to be deducted, in fact, we pay the first £250 of your own vehicle insurance excess.
  • Cover for Cars, LCV's, Motor home's, Motorbike's, Private Hire Taxi's and Hackney Cabs.
  • Clear commitment to settle your claim within 10 working days of your motor insurers settlement (within your terms and condition of your policy)
  • Covers All Factory Fitted Options
  • Includes cover for up to £1,500 of dealer fitted accessories
  • Covers paint & upholstery protection,
  • Covers insurance premiums and nontransferable warranty charges
  • Covers theft with keys
  • You can buy cover up to 180 days after vehicle purchase from your dealer
  • Covers all named drivers -
  • Covers drivers on Provisional Licence
  • Transfers to next of kin in the event if death

                                                   VRI Gap Insurance

Remember also, GapInsurance123.co.uk is part of a group of websites owned by Aequitas Automotive Ltd, who are  members of the British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA), and are a registered data controller with ICO. Other established Aequitas Automotive Ltd owned websites include EasyGap.co.uk, Shortfall.co.uk, Totallossgap.co.uk, and TyreInsurance123.co.uk.

All VRI Gap Insurance policies before the 22nd of July 2016 are underwritten by Enterprise Insurance Company PLC, long time club sponsors of Leeds Utd Football Club and underwriter of well know brand schemes in the UK. Policies purchased after the 22nd of July 2016 are underwritten by AmTrust International Underwriters Limited.

Any VRI Gap Insurance claims are processed Motorway Direct PLC. Again, the administrator has huge experience in the field, having performed similar administration for products for major brand schemes and many vehicle dealer groups in the UK.

Why is VRI Gap Insurance so popular now?

For the simple reason that the vehicle you drive away from your dealer will not be worth what you paid them in a few years, and the cost of the equivalent model is likely to be higher in the future. VRI Gap Insurance can cover both of these issues.

If you looked at the ever popular VW Golf GTI TDI, the basic list price rose by nearly £4,000 between 2007 and 2011. The January 2011 VAT rise placed nearly £500 on the price of a brand new £15,000 vehicle overnight.

Also, if you got a special deal from your motor dealers, like a 'VAT Free' or a 'Cashback' offer, that same deal may not be available next time round you may have to pay considerably more.

You can buy VRI Gap Insurance for many different types of vehicles. 

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