GapInsurance 123 Types of Vehicles

GapInsurance123 offers a huge choice of Gap Insurance policies so that you can pick a type of cover that protects many types of vehicles, in the way you want. After all, it is your vehicle, your money and we think it should be your choice when it comes to gap insurance. 

You can buy Gap insurance from GapInsurance123 for many different types of vehicles including;

Car Gap insurance - The vast majority of the vehicles on British roads are Cars. Car Gap Insurance is extremely popular for new and used car purchases today, and there is a number of GapInsurance123 policies to choose from.

Vans and LCV's Gap Insurance - Commercial Vans and LCV's with a Gross Weight of less than 3,500kg are eligible for GapInsurance123 cover.

Motorhome Gap insurance - Motorhomes can be expensive however they depreciate like any other vehicle, once again GapInsurance123 can provide valuable financial protection.

Motorbike Gap insurance - GapInsurance123 Motorbike Gap Insurance offers the widest range of Motorbike Gap Insurance policies in the UK. An added bonus is you pay no additional premium for this type of vehicle with GapInsurance123, unlike many other Gap Insurance providers.

Driving School Gap insurance - If you operate a 'driving school' business, then your vehicle is a 'tool of the trade'. Any loss of the car can result in a real headache, both practically and financially. GapInsurance123 is available for driving school cars too.

Private Hire Taxi Gap Insurance - Another essential 'tool of the trade', and one which can suffer depreciation at a much higher rate than a normal vehicle. High mileage can cause a rapid depreciation in value, and leave a substantial shortfall to replace the vehicle and/or pay off any outstanding finance. GapInsurance123 is available for these vehicles also.

Which types of Gap Insurance 123 policies are available?

This is where we believe GapInsurance123 stands out. Instead of offering restricted choice in Gap Insurance policies for certain vehicles, like motorbikes, taxi's and motorhomes, GapInsurance123 policies are available for many types of qualifying vehicles

We know our customers only deserve the best, for example, you can buy 5 year Vehicle Replacement Insurance on your motorbike, motorhome, or private hire taxi. 

As a quick reminder of the basic types of GapInsurance123 policies available:

 Finance Gap Insurance can cover you for any shortfall between the car market value and the amount you have outstanding on a finance agreement or contract hire lease. This type of insurance can be taken at any point during the finance agreement, again a unique feature of GapInsurance123 Gap Insurance.

Combined Return to Invoice Gap Insurance can cover you for either the original invoice price or the amount you have outstanding on the finance settlement, whichever is the higher at the point of write off. The cover must be placed within 180 days of vehicle purchase.

Combined Vehicle Replacement Gap Insurance can cover you for either the cost of replacing the vehicle with a model equivalent to the one you bought the policy for, or the amount you have outstanding on finance, again whichever is the greater. So with VRI Gap Insurance, if the cost of replacing the vehicle is higher than you originally paid, GapInsurance123 can cover this.

The cover must be placed within 180 days of purchasing the vehicle.

Agreed Value Gap Insurance can cover the difference between the vehicle value on the day it is written off, and the vehicle value on the day you take out the policy. So if you buy a vehicle privately, or outside the 180-day limit, you can protect the value of your vehicle today.

There is quite an array of gap insurance cover and vehicles for you to choose from. At GapInsurance123, we believe this choice is essential to ensure the correct level of cover is available for you and your vehicle so that you can make informed choices.

Again it is your vehicle, your money and we think it should be your choice as to which level of gap insurance cover is best for you!

Why not get a gap insurance quotation or call 0800 195 4926 and let us know what you think and how we can help.

Either way at GapInsurance123 we are only ever a click or a call away, to help you choose the right Gap Insurance for you and your vehicle.