Buy Contract Hire Gap Insurance?

What is Contract Hire or Lease Gap Insurance and why do you need it, after all you will never own the vehicle? Here is why you may wish to consider Contract Hire Gap.

Contract Hire is one way of funding a vehicle. It allows you keep your hard earned cash in the bank, whilst still having the use of the vehicle. Normally you are asked for just a few payments as a deposit/initial rental, you enjoy the vehicle during the best years of its life and then hand it back before the expensive MOT's and out of warranty costs arrive. You could secure a car, van or even a motorbike on Contract Hire.

Contract Hire agreements are traditionally low cost and require low commitment with some contracts for as little as 12 months, so why do you need contract hire gap insurance?                          

As you know your contract hire company will have based your monthly rentals loosely around not only the payments you make, but also how much they think they will be able to dispose of your vehicle at the end of the contract. What happens if your vehicle joins the estimated 600,000 other vehicles written off in the UK each year?

Your own motor insurance company will only pay you what your vehicle is worth on the day it is written off. The difference between this valuation and your contract hire company's settlement figure, can be thousands and thousands of pounds. In some cases up to 90% of all outstanding rentals.

Let us show you what we mean.

  • For example, let's say you have purchased an Audi and you are taking delivery of an A6 S-line Avant.
  • You are paying 3 payments in advance then for £295 & VAT per month for 35 months.

Let's imagine that in 12 months time your beautiful Audi A6 is stolen and joins the estimated 600,000 vehicles written off in the UK each year.

  • Their motor insurance company values the vehicle on the day. The difference between this valuation and the contract hire companies settlement could be thousands and thousands of pounds.
  • We have heard of one company who within their terms and conditions, stated that they were within their rights to claim the valuation settlement and an additional payment of up to 100% of all outstanding rentals.
  • In this case, that would mean an invoice of £7080 & vat.

Contract Hire Gap Insurance can help protect you against this potential financial time bomb!

In this instance, your contract hire gap insurance policy would have paid the difference between the A6's valuation and the outstanding finance. This means that you have no obligation to your old vehicle and would now be free to buy another.

With online contract hire gap insurance prices from as little as £34 inclusive of IPT for one year's cover can you afford not to protect yourself with Contract Hire Gap Insurance?

Remember not all Contract hire Gap insurance Cover is the same. Contract Hire Gap from has been carefully developed to provide increased cover, with some fantastic features as standard

Why is Contract Hire Gap from GapInsurance123 different?

Well there are two key areas:

1 - No time constraint from the time you buy the vehicle to the time you buy the policy. Many other providers can only allow you a window of perhaps 180 days from the time you collect the vehicle to the time you buy a Finance and Contract Hire Gap policy. At GapInsurance123 we do not have the same requirement. You can buy our Contract Hire Gap at any point of your lease.

2 - We have the option (for a single additional flat fee) for you to protect up to £2000 of your advanced rental or deposit. This means you can reclaim the lump sum deposit you paid when you first entered the lease.

So why not get a contract hire gap insurance quote and see how easy protecting yourself can be?