Buy Gap Insurance?

What is Gap Insurance? You may or may not have heard of this form of insurance, yet it has been around in the UK for many years. British car buyers have a much better understanding of it today than a few years ago, and it is fair to say there is a much larger range of cover available too.

Why should you consider buying Gap Insurance?

Your dealer may have told you about GAP - Guaranteed Asset Protection, but did you really understand it and which level of gap insurance is the best gap insurance for you to buy?

Gap Insurance is supplementary insurance which protects you against financial loss when your car, motorbike, van, motorhome or light commercial vehicle is written off.

That will mean lots of different things to different people depending upon what vehicle they have bought and how they have paid for it, please let us explain.

Before you buy gap Insurance you must accept two basic facts.

  • Fact one - your own motor insurance company may only pay you your vehicles valuation on the day it is written off. This can be many many thousands of pounds less than you originally paid.
  • Fact two - your vehicle no matter if it is a car, a van, a motorbike, or motorhome will lose value over time. (unless you are  lucky enough to buy a very rare classic) Your vehicle will not be worth the amount you paid in two three or even five years time.

Your Gap insurance policy is activated when your vehicle is written off.

Depending upon what is important to you and which level of gap insurance you choose to buy your gap protection policy can

  • clear outstanding finance,
  • protect the invoice price you paid
  • or even protect the replacement cost.

Let me show you what I mean

  • Let's say that you have just bought a Vauxhall Insignia. Fantastic choice by the way, and to keep the maths easy you paid £15,000. Four years later your vehicle skids on black ice and while protecting you and your passengers perfectly, it sustains damage to the point where it is written off.
  • Your insurance pays you the valuation which according to what car could be as little as £6450. (This is based on a £23,000 Vauxhall Insignia Hatchback 2.0 CDTi 130 ecoFLEX Excl Nav 5dr)

If you paid cash for your Vauxhall you have now just lost £8550 or worse still if you paid by finance the chances are that you will have a shortfall on your finance.

  • If you had taken finance gap insurance it would have paid the difference between your Vauxhall's valuation and the amount still outstanding on finance
  • If you had taken combination return to invoice it would have paid the difference between your Vauxhall's valuation and either the outstanding finance or taken you back to the invoice price whichever was the higher amount.
  • If you had taken vehicle replacement it would have paid the difference between your Vauxhall's valuation and the cost to replace it on a like for like basis almost like new for old home contents insurance.

Which level of gap insurance cover is best? Well, that is up to you, based on what is important to you and your circumstances.

Unlike other insurance companies we believe that it should always be your choice and that includes what you do with any gap insurance settlement. That is why In all cases including vehicle replacement our insurance company will pay the outstanding finance direct to the finance company and any remaining amount directly to you within 14 days.

Remember not all Gap Cover is the same and buying the wrong level of cover can cost you money in the long run.

What type of vehicles can you buy Gap Insurance for ...

At GapInsurance 123 we believe we have taken the very best terms, provided comprehensive features and provided genuine market leading prices. Why not get a gap insurance quote and see how easy protecting yourself can be when you buy gap insurance from GapInsurance123.