Add Deposit protection


Contract Hire or lease hire is fast becoming a popular way for anyone to secure a new vehicle. It is a little different to the traditional finance methods like hire purchase or PCP simply because you do not have the option, within the lease terms, to own the vehicle in the agreement. Instead, you simply have a rental arrangement whereby you pay rentals over a set number of months, and simply hand the vehicle back to the leasing company.

The idea of Gap Insurance on these types of lease agreements is that it covers any shortfall between the motor insurer's settlement and the outstanding lease settlement required to pay off the lease in the event of a 'write off'.

A key feature of many of these leases is a deposit or advanced rental that you pay the leasing company at the beginning of the lease. Typically you may see the lease agreement laid something like this:

6 + 23 rentals of £250+VAT

This means you have to pay 6 X £250+VAT as an advanced rental deposit, and then pay 23 further monthly rentals on top.

If the vehicle is ever subject to a 'total loss' declaration from your motor insurer (following an accident, fire of theft) then your Finance and Contract Hire Gap can cover the difference between the motor insurer's settlement and the outstanding settlement (sometimes called an early termination settlement) requested by the leasing company.

With this paid off you may think that you are back to where you started, and you can simply go back to get a new vehicle and pay a similar rental on a new agreement. However you are missing one thing, you have to find your initial deposit rental again.

In the example above this would be 6 X £250 plus VAT, so £2000 in total. Most standard Contract Hire Gap products cannot provide you with this, and we know from customer feedback that it is something consumers on these types of agreements have been looking for.

The great news is that now, as an additional option, we are able to provide cover of up to £2000 of any advanced rental on such agreements for a set additional fee.

This means you can completely protect up to this figure separately to any shortfall on your lease agreement.

If you are looking for Gap Insurance for Personal Contract Hire or Business Contract Hire, and want to protect your finances in case your lease vehicle is 'written off' then GapInsurance123 can cover more than most other providers in the market.

When you click for a lease Gap Insurance quote then please select the Finance and Contract Hire Gap option. Enter your monthly rental inclusive of vat  you require and length of cover for a standard quote. If you wish to add the deposit protection then you can find the option below the standard quotes for Finance and Contract Hire Gap when you complete the quotation section. A simply tick in the box and you can add the option to your quotation.

Alternatively please call our team on 0800 195 4926 and we will be happy to explain this option further.