When can you claim on Gap Insurance?

Here at GapInsurance123, we speak to thousands of customers each and every year. Many of these are looking at Gap Insurance for the first time, and perhaps in the process of buying a new car. It is only natural that consumers will have a number of questions regarding the products we sell, and possibly one of the most common is ...

When can you make a claim on a Gap Insurance policy?

To make a valid claim, the first thing to ask is 'does your comprehensive motor insurance policy cover you for the situation that has just happened?'

If the answer is yes, and your motor insurer will pay out the market value of the vehicle, then the most crucial hurdle for a valid Gap Insurance claim has been cleared.

Whether your vehicle has been involved in an accident, been stolen (either recovered and beyond repair, or stolen and unrecovered), been flood damaged or set on fire, as long as your motor insurer offers the market value, and declares the vehicle a 'total loss' then you are valid to make a claim on your Gap policy.

Gap Insurance claim